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Custom Military coins just made for you

Do you know what a military coin is? For those who do not know what a military coin is and just heard it right now, here is brief background what it is all about. A military coin (or a challenge coin) is a small coin or medallion particularly used in military to carry one’s organization’s badge and is used by its members.

This emblem is given to the members of the organization as a sign of membership especially when they are challenged and to uplift one’s morale to others. It is commonly collected by the service members and these military coins are given by the unit commanders as a reward or a symbol that a unit member has special achievement and been recognized by a higher official. This military coin is also being utilize when a member is visiting another organization.

When does this military originated?

In history, Roman Empire first used coins to indicate and recognize a military soldier for his achievements.  When it is given to a soldier, it brings him honor and there is a connotation that he performed well and did a job well done in the military service especially during a battle. It was minted with the mark of platoon where it came from and usually kept by the military men as a token or an object to remind them of an event.

They kept it rather than spend it to women and wine. Today, the use of it evolved, some of the soldiers reward it as a token of appreciation but some exchanged it like a business cards or some just add it as their collection. But to some it serves as a badge as a proof that they belong to a particular unit. It is no longer limited to the armed forces, today, it is handed out to civilians for publicity or as a fundraising tool.

Military Coin

Challengecoins4less offers not only military coins but also they accept custom military coins. Custom military coin is a perfect gift for the veterans to recognize their honour, bravery and dedication as military men. Challengecoins4less is available in any branch of Armed Services. We make custom military coins on whatever purpose you may need it; whether for gift, souvenir or a collection.

Craft your custom coins as you want it, design it on how you represent your unit. Customize your military coin based on your imagination and with its own uniqueness. Challengecoins4less can also give you choices on what shape do you want it to look like. Custom military coins can be in its traditional shape as in round or Challengecoins4less can also mold it into a star to represent your pride ,honor, and great achievements. For Challengecoins4less it is not impossible to recreate. Unleash your creativity with this custom military coin.

Gone are the days that the military coins are exclusive for the military men:

Even if you are just collecting military coins you could possibly can. Create and collect as many as you can. Display it just like you are a true military men. Be like one! Even if you are just an aspiring soldier you can now have your own military coins.

Custom Military Coins

What more can we offer? Do you have an existing military coin? We can recreate it just for you. Our graphic artists are skilled as they are that they can make custom military coins according to you own wants. We have created military coins for Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine and Coast Guard units. And what’s even great with our offer is that artwork, revisions and designs are for free.

We are after the quality work as we give you a quality service just to satisfy your wants. We are satisfied as you are. Happiness will be a two way. We are happy to serve you with our own service in giving you our very own custom military coins. So what are you waiting for? Order now for your unit or for your own collection.


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Challengecoins4less offers custom military coins and we can also give you choices on what shape do you want it to look like.

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An Overview of HDI Printed Circuit Board

A printed circuit board is the “brain” of an electronic device. Without this, your phone, LED television, computer, dishwasher and washing machine will not work. These devices require a PCB that is fast, multi-layered and compact. With the recent technology on HDI PCB, your phone can function as video player, game console, or a mini-computer. In this article, we bring you the latest technology in the production of PCBs.

What is HDI?

High density interconnect (HDI) enables PCB fabricators such as our company to create the smallest, fastest and the most intelligent circuit boards in the planet. With the rising demands for 3G and 4G phones, or smart televisions that consumers use to connect to the Internet and to watch movies, this technology helps us stay in the industry and compete with other PCB manufacturers.

HDI Printed Circuit BoardHDI is the process of multi-layering of coppers and dielectric materials without making the PCB look bulky and still achieving its functionality. The process uses vias and microvias to create connections between the layers. The process calls for a thru-hole mounting technology in some cases or as appropriate into the design.

We use laser drilling technology to drill and bury vias and microvias into the printed circuit board. This very same technology also enables us to install electronics component between layers before we stack them together. The vias and copper-filled microvias establish the interconnections of the components buried within the board. We can use staggered or stacked microvias.

What are vias and microvias? These holes are copper-filled or non-conducting. The vias connect the multi-layered board. They go through more than two layers of the board and are most of the time non-conducting. On the other hand, microvias are always filled with copper since they serve as wirings between the layers. A printed circuit board can contain one or more vias and hundreds of microvias buried within the circuit board.

The Benefits of HDI


Miniaturized PCBs

HDI PCBAn electronic device can contain more than one PCB, stacked on top of one another. This stacking procedure helps us create miniature PCBs. A PCB with dimensions of 3 inches on all sides can contain all the functionality we desire an electronic device can have. For example, we manufacture a five-inch phone. With HDI, we can make the phone to function as a media player, a calling device, and stopwatch without connecting too many PCBs on it. With HDI, we can create a 3-inch PCB that fits on the five-inch outer packaging of the phone.

No wirings

Since we use vias and microvias for interconnections between the PCBs, we eliminate the use of wirings. Of course, we still use wirings to connect the PCB to outside source such as the 3.5mm jack. For the most part, we do not use wirings.

Less weight and compact

The eliminated wirings account for almost 75% of conventional wirings. When we eliminate this percentage on the outer packaging of the electronic device, we make the device more compact and lesser weight than its original version.

Better performance

No wirings mean fewer errors. Fewer errors mean better performance. Aside from fewer errors, the elimination of wirings are helpful since there is no added heat stress on the solder joints. The wirings are also conductors and conductors generate heat as electricity passes through them. With no wirings that generate heat, the solder joints are not exposed such heat and can last longer than its expected solder life.

With the flat and thin conductors and insulators, the printed circuit board can dissipate heat quickly. We can eliminate the “baking” phenomenon in the PCB, wherein the solder joints melt due to high temperature. Since the layers are thinner than the conventional ones, the heat dissipates and does not affect the components.

HDI printed circuit boards are smaller and thinner than the ordinary PCBs. These do not require conventional methods and materials. Furthermore, high density interconnect technology eliminates the use of wirings. It improves the overall performance of the PCBs and the reliability of the installed components. HDI offers more design options since we do not use wirings. The weight of the electronic devices is lesser, which is a factor in the production of smart phones, wearable gadgets and other similar electronic devices.


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A printed circuit board is a main component of an electronic device. We at Pcbnet, manufacturing High density interconnect (HDI) printed circuit board. For more visit our website 

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